At present, many among the interior designers are making use of succulents to adore their homes and offices. How to get the right succulent to decor living space in a beautiful manner? This is a frequent query heard from home decor lovers. Generally, succulents make use of small amount of water to promote their growth in home interiors. Succulents are structured in such a way that it need only less amount of water to retain its growth naturally.

This is how you water succulents correctly! 

Succulents Winter

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How natural growth is retained in succulents winter?

This is a common query heard from botany students. Stems and leaves of succulents are made in such a way that it can retain a good quantity of water to promote its growth in interiors. Generally, stems and leaves of succulents are thickened naturally so as to store a good volume of water to retain its growth in interiors.

Succulents are generally shapeless in nature and can be seen even in the arid regions. A wide range of succulents in different shapes and sizes are found in online stores to beautify your interiors. Succulents can be grown inside home interiors for a long period of time. It can be suggested under plants that need low maintenance for its growth and flowering. Certain succulents are found to be sensitive to cold temperatures. Those succulents that are sensitive to cold temperatures can be taken inside the home during the winter season so as to protect its growth.

Which is the right time to provide fertilizers to succulents?

Generally, succulents need only less amount of fertilizers to promote its growth. Succulents winter can be fed once during the end of summer season to enhance its overall growth. Pack of nutrients so as to enhance the growth of succulents can be directly availed from online stores. Hence those people in search of plants that can be grown under annual fertilization can make use of succulents in their home decor.

Excessive fertilization is one among the main topics discussed while growing succulents winter in home interiors. Excessive fertilization in succulents can give rise to troubles like softening of leaves. Hence it is suggested to avoid excessive watering of succulents during winter season. General growth of succulents happen during ambient climate with sunlight. Hence fertilization is recommended during the end of summer season. There is no need of fertilization in winter season.

Excessive watering of succulents winter is a main reason for rot leaves. Hence it is ideal to do fertilization during the end of summer season. As per studies, extreme temperature conditions are found to be as a common problem that give rise to troubles like dryness and rot leaves. Hence feel free to avoid the exposure of succulents to extreme temperature condition.

Generally, the growth of succulents happen during summer season and feeble lights during winter season are recommended to promote its growth during winter season. So as to obtain the best result, feel free to grow succulents with a temperature range between fifty degree Fahrenheit and fifty five degree Fahrenheit room temperature.

Advantage of succulents winter

Low cost maintenance is a main advantage of selecting succulents winter to decor home interiors. How frequently can we water succulents to promote its growth? As per studies, watering of succulents can be done once or twice per month. Water poured on the roots of succulents are stored in the leaves and stem of plant so as to promote its growth. Majority of the growth of succulents winter happen during summer season. Succulents are generally grown with low cost maintenance.

Checking of pest in succulents play a vital role in promoting its growth. Generally, cotton ball like pests are treated with required lotions to control its growth. Excessive use of pest control lotion can degrade its growth. Hence feel free to use pest control lotion in limited amount as per the requirement provided in guides. At present, natural pest control lotions can be obtained from online markets. Those people interested in caring plants can also make pest control lotions by adding plant oils like neem and eucalyptus in water. To get the best result, feel free to spray this lotion once or twice on plants monthly.

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The best succulents winter that can be grown in home interiors?

Generally, succulents like cactus and aloe vera can be grown internally to promote fresh air in home. Place of succulent location can be chosen by decor lovers as per the need. Succulents winter are generally placed in bright lights so as to make growth in a better way. If there is no light inside home interiors, make sure that you put sufficient LED lights in concerned space. Grow LED lights can be easily availed from online stores at present. To promote succulents winter growth, people can make use of sufficient LED lights of specific intensity in their home interiors.

Light intensity needed to be focused so as to promote the growth of succulents vary from one plant to another. Right intensity of light needed for each succulent plant can be known from online sites. Exact time to take succulent plant outside is spring season. There is no need to spend excess amount of time in maintaining succulent plants. It is so easy and can be made into practice by any plant lovers across the globe. Little bit of light is only needed for succulent plants during winter season.

Many among the best home designers are making use of succulents to overcome the difficulties due to maintenance of interior plants. Succulents can be also used to enhance the oxygen supply of plants in home interiors. Apart from cactus, aloe vera can be also used as a succulent plant to promote oxygen supply inside home interiors. Water consumption of aloe vera plant is low and can be grown within home so as to promote pure air supply. Winter season for aloe vera like succulents can be provided with limited quantity of water for enhanced growth. Naturally the above specified succulent plants grow only in limited amount during winter season.

Best soil type for succulents

Soil type needed for the growth of plants vary from one succulent plant to another. In order to promote winter succulent growth, feel free to make use of dry soil during winter season. Poor air circulation in room can adversely affect the growth of succulent plants during winter season. This condition can be alleviated by making use of area with good air. Also place succulent plant nearby to window area where there is enough amount of sunlight.