If you keep plants in your home then it is necessary to take special care of them. Succulents are mostly kept indoor as they have a high ability to survive and thrive there. However, it is noteworthy to know that they need proper lights to thrive. Even if they may appearing good and growing quite well you may be missing something. You know what you are missing. It’s always the lighting that succulents don’t get in the required amount. Lights from windows aren’t enough for them. So, what can you do for them? Grow lights are quite popular for indoor succulent plants. This guide will give you all the relevant information to choose the right to grow lights for succulents.

Grow Lights For Succulents Guide

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What Are Succulents?

Succulent plants or simply succulent have thick and fleshy body parts. It stores water in leaves and stems. The best example of a succulent is Aloe Vera. These kinds of plants grow as decorative plants because of their appealing appearance and structure. They can thrive with a little care so it is perfect to keep them indoor.

Succulent is suitable for the dry environment due to its water holding capacity for a long time. These plants die in the presence of excess water. Most of the succulents contain deep and broad root system. It is important to mention that they belong to deserts or areas of semiarid season.

Why Do Succulents Needs Grow Lights?

The color of a succulent plant leaves tells about their health. If they are showing their various colors or looking deep green then you can say their health is good. You must note that they need less water and more lightning but in a limited amount. The lack of lightning will turn the light green and their leaves will spread to absorb more light. Ensuring that they are receiving appropriate lightning, you have to monitor them. Grow lights can play a major role in their growth. If your succulent plant is losing its beauty, it’s time to purchase grow lights for it.

Grow Lights For Succulents Guide

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How Do You Ensure If Your Succulents Are Getting Ample Light?

Where you place a grow light matters. As you may know, grow lights not only produce light. They also produce heat so it is necessary to keep the grow light at the perfect place. So that your succulents can light in an equal distribution. You have to maintain a great angle to avoid getting succulents leaves to burn. Providing ample light to them requires daily observation. Change the position of the grow light if it is hurting the succulents. They may not be able to tolerate extreme light.

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Types Of Grow Lights

It’s quite hard to buy the right grow light for succulents. Their nature is quite complicated. We are sharing a few types of grow lights that help to boost the growth of indoor succulents.

• Tube Lights- Tube lights come in different lengths and sizes. The right tube light for the succulents is T5 that has a diameter of 5/8 inches. It is much better than the other tube lights

• CFL- Tube lights take more space than CFLs. CFLs are known for giving quality light but heat too. It is an ideal grow light but only when positioned away from plants.

• LED- These grow lights are considered preferred by many succulent plant lovers. It’s potential to deliver light in various wavelength make it the best grow light. These lights produce less heat and are more energy-efficient.

The 4 Best Growth Lights For Succulents

1) Fauna 80W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

Priced at $34.99, it supplies sun-like lights to your succulents. It sports durable clip with a soft pad that can be attached effortlessly to a table, board or wherever you wish. Besides, it has features like 5 adjustable brightness, 3 lighting modes, convenient turn on/off button, three timer setting and a lot more. Its 360-degree gooseneck allows it to provide lights to an enlarged area. It can be adjusted to various angles according to your needs and position of plants. This LED grows light can produce lights at the wavelength of range between 400nm to 840nm.

2) Elanket LED Grow Light

IR and UV lights emitted by the sun are beneficial for succulents. Elanket ensures that the succulents in your home are getting ample lights. It comes with 144 full-spectrum LEDs. Among them 102 are red ones, 42 are

blue, and one each of IR and UV. When you don’t need it, just fold and keep it at a safe place. The use of aeronautical aluminum has made this grow light a durable masterpiece. It actually consumes 60W only and still able to give the output equal to 600W MH / HPS tent lights.

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3) Sansi Daylight LED Grow Light

Succulents behave beautifully when kept under this grow light. It can be installed in three ways at your home. Even by mistake if it comes in contact with water then nothing will happen. It is IP66 waterproof and corrosion-resistant. It produces lights with varying colors and wavelengths. The combination of all the colors gives daylight feel like sunlight. With a 5 years warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee, you can but this product without being worried about the wrong investment.

4) Aceple LED Grow Light

If you are targeting only a few succulents kept on your desk, then this grows light is for you. This LED grows light is featuring multiple ways of fixing the clamp. Moreover, it is quick to install at any place you want. The Gooseneck arm equipped with this grows light assists in changing the direction of light. It emits red and blue lights. In addition, it is regarded as a cost-effective way to enhance succulent’s growth. The emitting lights will have a wavelength of 660nm, 630nm, and 460nm. After buying it, you will be satisfied with purchasing a great product for tabletop plants.

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So Should You Buy A growth Light?

Plants are selfless and they give oxygen to breathe. In return, they only ask for a little care. Do provide them the care they deserve by buying a grow light for them. Succulents thrive better under the right amount of light.