How To Water Succulents

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When watering succulent plants make sure to use the soak & dry method so that your plants can thrive longer. As you learn how to water succulent plants you will see that this method will give your plant the best chance of survival. Soaking the plant means that you need to give the plant enough water so that it will leak from the bottom of the drainage hole. While drying the plant means that you need to wait until the bottom of the pot has completely dried before you next water the plant.  This is the most efficient way that you can water your succulent plants.

The Accessories Needed For Watering Succulents

It is critical that you have the correct setup to guarantee success right from the start. If you don’t care for succulents the right way, it could spell disaster. Here are our three critical tools that will make sure your succulents will grow healthy and strong:

Plants that don’t care for too much moisture need to have a drainage hole so that the moisture can escape. By allowing the circulation to flow through the pot. Another vital function of the pots drainage hole is to let the water flush the excess salts from fertilizers. Containers with a drainage hole are a critical component to caring for your succulent plants.

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Beginners to watering succulents plants will need to learn how to select the most nutritious soil. Choosing a soil that is rich in nutrition will make sure the plant thrives and grow to be healthy.

For more on this topic, How to Prepare Well-Drained Soil guide will help.

We recommend the 14 PCS set of Succulent plant tools that are easy to handle. The garden tools are perfect for both new and advance succulent plant keepers. We advise people to experiment with the tool kit and learn how to use them correctly.

Common Watering Mistakes When Watering Succulents

We have found the 3 most common mistakes that people make when they first learn how to grow succulent plants. If you manage to avoid these common watering mistakes, it will let your plants grow faster and better. Bringing you one step closer to a professional succulent plant master.

So let’s find out what the mistakes are.

how to water succulents

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First Mistake #1 – Buying a pot without a drainage hole for your succulents


Firstly succulent plants can thrive in pots without drainage holes, it will require you to take that much more care of them. Steeling your valuable time that could be spent doing something else.

So your first step should be buying a pot that has a good drainage hole. That means going to your local gardening shop and look at the pottery options, select one with a larger drainage hole. It is the best choice for any succulent plants, If you need further help, find out what pots with drainage hole we recommend here. Taking it a step further, often succulent plants can be used for decoration in the home as well, why not select a beautiful hand made a pot with a good drainage hole.

Second Most Common Succulent Mistake #2 – Using The Wrong Succulent Soil

Buying and using the right soil will hugely affect your success of watering your succulent plant. To learn more about what soil to select that won’t poorly affect your plants. Have a look at our post here. I would recommend that you find the best formula, one that has high natural values to aid in the development of your plant. Some soil is better for indoor plants, and other soil is better for outdoor plants. As we mentioned above, succulents don’t like sitting in wet soil for too long. Additionally having a pot that drains the soil most effectively will aid in this process. Having the right soil will make sure the plants aren’t too wet for too long.

Third Most Common Mistake #3 – Watering Your Succulent Plants With A Water Bottle

Succulents much rather prefer to be wholly soaked not dazzled with water. So many people talk about how the water their plants with the spray bottle at home. I can’t emphasize it enough how sad that makes me, it means your plants are struggling and not growing to their full potential.

Throw away your spray bottle

If you are going to use our spray bottle for anything, I will explain that at the end of our post. For most cases watering your succulent plants with a spray bottle is not going to get you anywhere.

how to water succulents

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How Often Do You Water A Succulent Plant, And What Do You Use?

I would recommend creating your own tool at home from one of your water bottles that are around. Mark the bottle accordingly so that know how much water is being used each time. The container can then be added to your “succulent plant tool kit”, it would be a cheap alternative to buying an expensive watering bottle.

Alternatively to your homemade watering bottle, a watering could work. If opting to use a watering can buy one with a long spout, its easier to water with. If you have one of those watering cans, you can water up too three plants indoor at the same time instead of just one.

For watering succulent plants outside, a large watering can be used, then you can fill it up with several litres of water. Meaning you can water most of the plants at the same time without having to refill your smaller watering can.


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how to water succulents

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Learn How to Water Succulents Indoors

Indoor succulent plants want to be watered until the soil is entirely soaked before you water the plant again, let it dry completely. This method is the method of Soaking the succulent plant thoroughly and drying it out. If you water your succulents this way, be sure that you water your succulents thoroughly. Let your succulent stay soaked until the plant has naturally absorbed all the water and becomes dry.

Once your soil is soaked, the plant will soak up all the water it can from the soil. At this point, all you should do is wait for the soil to dry out entirely. I mean from top to bottom of the pot it sits in, you can feel if the soil is trying from the bottom through the drainage hole.

Let know sufficiently watered succulent plant let it dry up and stay that way for the next several days. This tip matters more if your plant is fully grown with more extensive roots. During the drought, your succulents plants will be developing new roots, making the plant roots thicker and healthier.

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If you let the plants go through the drought, they will absorb much more water when you water your succulent plants next. The easiest way to achieve a thoroughly soaked plant is by using your homemade watering bottle. If you don’t want to use any tools, such as watering cans using your homes, water faucet could also help. Remember that you should not use the spray bottle that you find around your house. Spraying the plant lightly won’t help the plant grow strong and healthy roots.

Rather than growing new, healthy roots when watered, a poorly watered succulent plant would grow week roots. When the plant is watered correctly, their new roots will absorb water instantly, waiting to be watered again. Watering your succulent plant every few days, the plant will grow healthy and active. If you don’t think it is correct, try it both ways and see the difference for yourself, usually within a week.

How To Water Succulents

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How To Water Succulents Plant Soil?

As a rule of thumb, I try to water my indoor plant every other day. That goes only for plants with a drainage hole, not plants without a drainage hole. Every plant might have their own watering schedule, where you place your plant in the house matters a lot.

Where you place your succulent plant in the house matters to your watering schedule. If your house doesn’t have enough humidity plants, tend to dry out fast and need water more regularly. What country you live in matters, people who live in a dry climate, you need to water the plants less, five or six days apart. However, for people that live in a humid country might only have to water their plant twice a month, sometimes less.

When succulent plants are underwater, the plant grows week. Not sure if you are watering enough or not, an excellent way to see is merely watering the plant a bit more or a bit less frequently. You will see the results quickly. If a plant has thicker leaves, that means your succulent plant is a hybrid and needs less water. It means less water than plants with thinner leaves.

When it comes down to it, all succulent plants need to be experimented with a little, to find the best watering schedule for you. If dealing with a large plant and are not sure how much to water, it is better to underwater than overwater the plant. Overwatering a fully grown plant might kill the succulent plant faster than underwatering it.

How To Water Your Outdoor Succulent Plants?

When taking care of your outdoor succulent plant, I advise you to pick the right soil for soaking. Remember always to let the succulent plant dry up completely before watering the plant again. It is the same as with indoor plants. Finding out how much water your outdoor plants need as we continue.

Dealing with outdoor succulents plants, it is vital to think about the temperature. The warmer the air is, the more you need to water the soil, it means watering the plant every other day or more. Living in a cold city with high humid means watering your plant less. Usually, every three days when it is warm during the summer season, but water your succulents less during the winter months.

It goes without saying that the air flows better outside than inside, it means that the water evaporates faster. That means you might need to water your outdoor succulent plants more often than your indoor succulents.

If you are unsure of what to do with your outdoor succulent plant, bring it inside during the winter months. Bringing your plants inside is especially critical if the temperature where you live hits freezing limits. A good time to relocate your plant is when you start feeling colder, that is when the plant should be moved inside. A week or two before or after won’t hurt but pay attention to the temperature if you want the plant to grow strong.

Both plants in pots and plants outdoor need the same amount of water, that means watering the plant regularly. Outside the soil is colder, it drys slower, so be careful to not over water your plants.

How To Water Succulents

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How to water succulent seedlings?

The only time that you are allowed to use your spray bottle for watering. Time to use the spray bottle is when you’re growing the seedlings to make more for your friends and family. If you want to have success in propagating your succulent leaves indoor, then you need to be committed to watering the plant every single day.

It means spraying the top part of the soil with your handy spray bottle. Alternatively, use the home crafted bottle that we spoke about before. Leaves of larger succulent plants absorb water in the air that surrounds them, so spraying the plant is acceptable.

If you bought the correct pot and the most nutritional well draining succulent soil for then you can water a bit more. That means you could water the plant a bit more than if you were using a pot without any drainage hole. Pots without the drainage holes dry slower, that is one of the reasons why you should not use them. Pay attention to your succulent plant’s root, if they are drying up fast, that means the plant is not being watered enough.

When you examine your succulent roots, healthy roots look white, pink and a bit shiny. When the plant grows, it will get more roots, so you might need to cut back on how much you water the plant regularly. Although, before you cut, back on the water, you provide the plants with, let them grow into the size of your thumbnail.

How Often Should Succulents Be Watered – Pro Tips

Now if you want to learn about each succulent for itself then we recommend that you either look at your “Succulent Type” part and located your succulent there or visit our Youtube page and watch a video about your spesific plant as we go on. There we will take you through each step as we continue that explaines the indivitual plants watering need so that there will be no confusion.