It is always good and refreshing to have plants in the vicinity. This is because plants give out plenty of oxygen to the atmosphere. There are many kinds of pots that can be used to hold succulents in the home and office. These plant pots vary in material, size, texture, color, and design. Moreover, the pots are also equipped with a drainage system that ensures the succulent grows well without the risk of root rots. Due to their different types and variations, the pots also contribute to the aesthetic effects of the environment. Hence, they are quite useful items that should be incorporated in homes or offices. There are several materials used to make these special pots. For example, wood, metal, ceramic/terra coat, plastic, glass, and concrete.

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Materials Used To Make Plant Pots


Plant pots made with plastic are always readily accessible in the market. Pots made by plastic are lighter compared to other materials. Moreover, they are not fragile, like ceramic. Hence, they can last for a long period. However, plastic pots are not breathable; hence it is quite difficult for water to evaporate. This is why it is important for the plastic pot to have a good drainage hole. In addition, good quality soil will enable the water to evaporate. These pots come in a wide range of designs, colors, and sizes.

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Wood is another common material used to make plant pots. It is also an interesting and unusual material to use. However, wood pots are quite aesthetic and have a natural texture. For instance, driftwood planter, however, it is essential to lay some waterproof material on the wood. This will ensure that the wood does not rot due to excess moisture. When the wooden pot rots, it will also affect the succulents’ roots, eventually killing the plant/s. The wooden pot should also be situated in a cool and dry place. This will also ensure that the pot does not rot due to excess moisture.


Glass is a unique material that is used to make amazing plant pots. Pots made from glass are quite enriched aesthetically. Moreover, there are different designs and texture of glass pots to select from. However, pots made from glass are not breathable. Hence, water does not easily evaporate from the soil. Some glass pots also lack good drainage systems. It is also important to note that glass pots can easily get broken. Hence, they should not be used in an environment where there is plenty of activity. Since glass is also susceptible to dirt, it might not be a very convenient option. However, if a glass pot is creatively and professionally made, it can be a good pot for holding succulents.


There are good plant pots that are made using metal. It is important to have your metal pot professionally made for holding succulents. This is because there are several negative effects of using metal as a permanent choice. Firstly, metal is susceptible to frequent temperature variations. Hence, the soil can easily get overheated, thus affecting the succulent negatively. Moreover, since the metal will frequently wet, it will easily rust. The rust will also affect the succulent/s negatively. Thus, metal pots are only good when they are used to hold succulents temporarily.

Ceramic/ Terra Coat

Plant pots made by ceramic and terra coat materials are perhaps the best. This is because they are breathable, hence quite good for indoor succulents. These pots also come in different textures, designs, and colors. As a result, they contribute to the aesthetic effects of interior decor. It is not advisable to place a terra coat or ceramic pot in direct sunlight. This is because they easily heat up, thus affecting the succulents. It is also important to note that these pots are quite heavy to carry. Thus, after your succulents are grown, it might be quite difficult to move the pot. Another disadvantage is that ceramic and terra coat pots are quite fragile to breaking. This is why it is essential to place the pot at a good, safe, and convenient place during the early stages.


Concrete is another common material used to make plant pots. Concrete is good because it enables one to customize the pot into various shapes and sizes. In addition, you can structure a unique drainage system on the concrete pot. Due to the toughness of concrete, the pots will be durable. You can also paint the pot with different colors. Concrete is good because artistic designs and colors can be embedded, thus making the pot look special and unique.

Textures and Colors of Plant Pots

It is important to ensure that the texture of the pot and succulent are compatible. This will make the plant pot look good in the environment. The particular colors of the pot should also correspond with the succulents. The easiest way is to select the succulents according to different types of pots. For example, you can use a colorful pot to plant naturally colorful succulents and vice versa. There are various succulents that have unique natural colors that will be easily compatible with colorful pots. A pot can have a single color or several matching colors that will make it look special and unique.

However, the process of matching a good pot with succulents might prove to be difficult and complicated. In this case, one can plant succulents on basic pottery or simple ceramic/terra coat pots. The majority of succulents will look amazing in these simple pots. Moreover, the simple pot ensures that more focus is on the succulent. The texture and colors of the pots should also match with the interior or exterior decor. This will improve the aesthetic effects of the vicinity. Therefore, texture and color are fundamental aspects of plant pot that should be considered creatively.

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Size of Plant Pots

The size of a plant pot is quite an important factor that should be carefully considered. While selecting the size, it is better a large pot compared to a small one. This is because a large pot will be able to accommodate the succulents as they grow. Moreover, a large pot can hold different varieties of succulents. However, the pot should not be too large or too small. It should be of perfect size. If the pot is too large for the plants, it can affect their growth negatively. On the other hand, if the pot is too small, there will be no enough room for the succulent to grow.

Another advantage of placing succulents in plant pots of perfect size is that there are minimal chances of the plant withering due to root rot. Since a large plant pot holds much soil, there will be a lot of moisture in the pot. This will increase the risk of root rot in the particular succulent/s. Therefore, a large pot is not convenient for holding succulents. The size of the pot is also determined by the type of succulent that it will hold. There are succulents that are big and require space while there are small ones that only need small space. Hence, a pot of perfect size is quite fundamental.

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Plant Pots With Drainage Holes

A good drainage system is a fundamental part of a plant pot. This is because good drainage reduces the risk of root rot. Moreover, good drainage ensures that the succulent looks healthy without symptoms of overwatering like yellow leaves. This is why well-placed drainage holes are very important. These holes will ensure that any excess water is quickly drained, thus preventing the soil from getting waterlogged. It is also important to cover the drainage holes with wire mesh. This will protect the soil from being washed away by the water.

While watering the succulents, it is important to ensure that the drainage is not overloaded with excess water. This will make the environment where the pot is situated to look dirty. There is a certain efficient and convenient system of watering the succulents. This will ensure that the vicinity is not flooded with excess water from the drainage holes. Moreover, the particular soil used in the plant pot determines the drainage quality. Hence, it is essential to select soil that is porous and fertile for the succulent. This will ensure that the succulents grow to be strong and healthy.

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Price of Plant Pots

The price of a plant pot varies according to several factors. For example, the material, size, design, texture, and color of the pot. Moreover, the price ranges according to different shops. However, one can easily purchase a good pot from online shops, for example, Amazon. The average cost of a basic pot ranges between $3 and $64+. Hence, the cost of a modern and smart pot is quite affordable


Plant pots are quite significant items in the home or office environment. This is because they enable us to plant healthy and beautiful succulents. There are various benefits of having these succulents in the vicinity. For example, they purify the air by increasing oxygen levels; they improve the humidity of a home or office; they brighten the home or office environment; they can also help someone improve focus and memory. Hence, it is quite beneficial to have succulents in the environment. A good pot will help hold succulents for a long period. Moreover, a unique pot will enhance the aesthetic effects of a home or office.