Succulents are popular for DIY projects because they are easy to create and maintain. Succulents and cacti need less watering than any other houseplants and they are relatively easier to take care of. Besides, they come in so many beautiful varieties. You can create countless arrangements in many colors and sizes from home decor to tabletop, to wall art and outdoor decor, succulents can add a fresh ambiance to any room in your home. Not only for decoration but for celebrations, succulents can create an amazing environment. Recently, they are popular as a wedding favor, party theme, and gifts.

In this section, we share with you a collection of DIY Succulent and Cacti ideas that are easy to create. Have a look at these articles to get inspired and try it at home. I can guarantee you after seeing the results, you will immediately want to try them! All of these guides are complete tutorials that are broken down into step-by-step instructions so you can have guidance to follow. Try and share it with us! You can post in our Facebook Group so other succulent lovers can admire and get inspired by your masterpiece!

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