Are you a succulent farmer or just a person who has an interest in succulents growth and you want the knowledge on how to make them grow faster and larger? This is the best place for you. I am going to educate you on how to make your succulents grow quicker and have the bigger, better ones you really want.

We all know how fantastic succulents are, with their various uses. The diverse number of purposes of succulents has seen them experience increased demand from multiple people who use them in different ways. Succulents can be sued as gifts to your loved ones, wedding gifts, or to enhance your environmental look or aesthetic value of your home.

How to Plant Succulents to Grow Faster

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The Uniqueness Of Succulents

Most of the people I have met have a soft spot for succulents but always complain about the time they take to grow to their desired size. Farmers, both experienced and newbies, have had their share of a rough time with succulents growth. Succulents are unique plants. They have different needs from other common plants we are used to seeing. Therefore, if these needs are not met, a farmer can experience quite a challenge with succulents growth.

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Succulents Like Crowded Roots

If you’re an apt succulent farmer, you have probably heard that succulents have crowed roots plants. Succulents growth is not inhibited by the crowding effects of other plants like many plants are. This specialty allows them to grow even in crowded areas. However, it does not mean that succulent growth is guaranteed in crowded areas.

Succulents have a unique metabolism that allows them to utilize their environment to the maximum in order to boost their growth. The uniqueness makes them the use of all the available resources like water, nutrients, air, and light effects to keep them flourishing. Where these resources are few, the succulents will have stress acquiring them or the uptake of these nutrients will be less than optimal quantities, therefore slowing down the succulents growth . the result is likely small and unhealthy succulents.

Therefore, to enhance the speedy and successful succulents growth as a farmer, you have to ensure that your succulents have the required needs. Grow them in good soil with proper nutrients. If the soil is lacking nutrients, then you can add supplements to the growth of the succulents.

How to Plant Succulents to Grow Faster

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Improved Soil Condition For Better Growth

Well-drained soil is necessary for succulents growth. If you want your succulents’ growth to success, then ensure to check the soil water drainage. A poorly drained soil will retain a lot of water that will prevent proper breathing of the roots. The plant will experience severe stress and reduce its growth rate.

Use a full pot when growing your succulents to give the roots space to expand. For the soil drainage, if you’re using a pot, make sure to check on the water content level by feeling the soil. It will be better if you have a regular watering pattern to prevent the soil from getting too dry. Make sure also to drill holes on the pot to maintain proper drainage and allow air in the soil if the pot does not have a drainage mechanism.

You need fast-draining succulents’ soil, which you can make by yourself or get the ready-packaged commercial ones, large pot, and succulents. If you are growing several succulents in one place, they remember they all need the same requirements in suitable amounts. Therefore, don’t forget to provide enough of them.

How to Plant Succulents to Grow Faster

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Check Their Roots

The succulent plant has a tendency to crowd its roots together in circles that won’t spread to take advantage of space you provide it. So, for optimal succulents growth, it is your role to manually help the succulent spread its root to source for water and nutrients. this will definitely stimulate faster growth once the plants identify new nutrients and space. The free space will initiate the growth of the speedy succulent you want your plant to have.

To spread the plant’s roots, take it out of the soil gently, you can gently squeeze the sides of the pot to loosen the soil or make it smooth by watering it slightly. Once you have removed it, use your fingers to softly, massage the roots to remove the soils, you can then transfer it to new soil and spread the roots with your hands before placing it in the soil.

Divide Your Succulent Plants

Once your plants start to grow, you will notice the plants dividing up and doubling their population. The more they divide, the less the resources in your pots become for all of them. You should always reduce the population of your plant to reduce the competition and increase succulents growth rate.

Dividing your plant shouldn’t be a hard task. When choosing which succulent to remove from the pot, always consider taking out the new small ones, mainly because they don’t have an already developed mature root system that is adapted for the uptake of water and nutrients. Also, they haven’t adapted to the environment so they will quickly adjust to the new pot. Dividing will also mean that the plants get space and resources which is key to increased succulents growth.

How to Plant Succulents to Grow Faster

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Safeguarding The Plants

Plant damage slows down succulent growth and makes the plant unhealthy. Therefore, always make sure to protect your plant from any damage. Succulents are easily damaged by the slightest force and are therefore so prone to hurts. Their weak stems don’t offer much support and like the typical plants and so I would advise intensive care.

Grow the succulents in places where your pets can’t easily reach them to minimize the chance of them getting damaged. The environmental factors like strong winds also have the tendency to break them so ensure they are protected from the same, but dint keeps them in the shade as they need sunlight to flourish and make their essential nutrients.

So, are you a succulent lover and want them in a limited time, or do you have that event coming soon and want to see your succulents ready? With the above guidelines on succulent’s growth, I’m sure you won’t have to worry about that. Free your mind, and be sure to have them ready when the time comes!