It is important to understand what Cotyledon Succulents are before we can continue into explaining how you should grow and care for these beautiful plants. Cotyledon is a genus of succulents that have around 10 species of perennial succulents that come from many different cultivators and varieties. Primarily these succulents come from Southern parts of Africa, mostly around the drier areas but also as far north as the Arabian Peninsula.

Many people wonder where the name Cotyledon comes from but it comes from the name Tylecodon that is an anagram of the Cotyledon name.

Members from this genus are usually fleshily wood with brittle stems and persistent leaves. Usually, the leaves are paired together orientating around 90 degrees to their following pair. This feature is also commonly found with Crassulaceae succulents. The genus usually varies in appearance but with one thing in common and that is the tubular flowers that curl at the tip. Mostly these flowers are orange to coral pink and flower during summer months. 

Cotyledon succulents are usually found around rocky grounds or cliffs that gives a hint that these types of plant want well-draining surroundings during their cultivation.

Cotyledon Succulents

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What Does Cotyledon Mean?

Cotyledon has many meanings most common one is of a leaf from the embryo of a seed plant, that until germination stays in the seed or emerges and becomes a green seed leaf.

What Is Another Name For Cotyledon?

The most common another name for cotyledon is seed leaf or ’embryonic leaf’.

How To Fertilize Cotyledon Succulents?

It is best to fertilize these plants once or twice during the growing season. It is best to use a specific succulent and cacti mixture that is (poor in nitrogen) when fertilizing these plants. If you want to learn more about how to fertilize succulents see our in-depth guide.

Best Lighting Conditions For Cotyledon

These plants prefer to be kept in a sunny location both when indoor and outdoor. These plants are very independent of the grower but it can not survive bad drainage soil or poor lighting conditions.

How To Water Cotyledon Succulents

When watering the Cotyledon it is important to follow the correct steps as these plants can not handle being overwatered. Even though this plant is quite resistant to most conditions overwatering it will kill the plant. So we recommend that you use the “Soak and Dry” method when caring for this plant. You can learn more about this method in our in-depth guide.

What Is The Best Soil For Cotyledon Succulents? 

Cotyledon Succulents prefer to be placed in well-draining succulent soil. When you think about soil for succulents you need to think about something that is gritty and mixed well so the water can leak from the plant with ease. Although the plants are able to tolerate some cold temperatures it should be kept frost-free during winter.

What Pest Problems Do Cotyledon Often Face?

The main issues these succulent faces are the sucking bugs.

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General Information About The Cotyledon

It was until the late 1960s where there were found around 150 different species that were thought to belong to the genus Cotyledon. Although since that time this has changed a bit. Now, these plants are split up into groups and that leaves only around two dozen species in the genus. Of these that are left around four are considered fynbos plants.