When someone mentions succulents, the first image people get is usually a cactus or aloe plant in some harsh conditions, being scorched by a simmering hot sun. But that isn’t always the case. There are many kinds of succulents. Not all of them enjoy a lot of direct sunlight. Some are more suited for living in the shade, indoors. If you want to know more, here is our list of 40 low light succulents.

1. Bird’s Nest Fern

Low light succulents Bird's Nest Fern

Picture via animals.sandiegozoo

The first plant on our list of low light plants was named for its aesthetic resemblance to nests. It is one of the several popular and beautiful ferns grown as houseplants.  To help it grow to all its potential, you will need to pot it in a pot with well-draining soil. For all tips on potting plants, check out our how to plant succulents guide. But, you can also mount it to a piece of wood. If you install it on your wall on a branch of wood, you can take care of it as an epiphyte.

2. Orchid Cactus

40 low light succulents

Picture via Wikimedia

This stunning snow-white flowered plant is one of the beauties of the succulent family. Its other name is the Dutchman’s Pipe cactus. Its beautiful flowers appear at sunset and wilt at sunrise. So, in a sense, it combined two fairy tales into one. The flowers also emit a very hypnotic fragrance. Even if it is a tropical plant, it can thrive in low light. But, it still needs to be in an area that is quite warm.

3. Hoya Finlaysonii

40 low light succulents

Picture via gramho

The more common name for this plant is the Rope plant. Its foliage curls, which leads to a look that easily sets it apart from other plants in its family. If you desire it to grow to its full, spectacular potential, be sure to plant it near a structure. This plant loves to climb and conquer territory. If you don’t want its vein-like features all over your walls, you can plant it in a basket. Its flowers are either dark purple or white. But, it does not flower so often, unless you take very careful care of it.

4. Squid Agave

40 low light succulents

Picture via urbanxeriscape

Like a lot of plants, this member of the agave plant family was named after an animal. It faintly resembles a squid and that was enough to give it that name, the squid agave. Its Latin name is Agave bracteosa. To ensure that it grows and becomes big and healthy you have to place it outside either facing northern or eastern exposure. It is a key asset of many wonderful rock gardens. Find other succulent types here.

5. Kiwi Aeonium

40 low light succulents

Picture via Etzy

Aeonium ‘Kiwi’ succulent thrives in hot climates. This also makes it quite resistant to droughts and lack of water. Lack of sunlight also does it well. It grows thick leaves, that can look like spoons. The leaves usually come with a mixture of three colours, green, red, and yellow. It flowers only once it ints life and dies shortly after.

6. Stonecrop

low light succulents stonecrop

Picture via naturescape

There are quite a few plants that carry the name stonecrop. They have earned that name based on their ability to sprout, grow, and thrive in a rocky environment. They do not need a lot of nutrients, nor a lot of water. What they do need is cool shade. This plant can grow both outdoor and indoor.

7. Foxtail Agave

low light succulents foxtail agave

Picture via Amaon

There are many members of the Agave family. This green wonder rich with meaty leaves has many names. For example, it is also called Swan’s Neck and Lion’s Tail. This plant is ideal for those who like big, luscious plants because it can grow up to five feet. Just be sure to place it in shade.

8. Elephant’s Foot Plant

low light succulents elephants foot plant

Picture via greensouq

The Elephant’s foot plant is also called the Ponytail palm. But, it does not belong to the palm family. It has very attractive foliage, mixed white and green. Its trunks are thick. This thickness, that in its lower parts reminds of an elephants foot, is a great asset for water storage. When it comes to sunlight, this plant is a dualist. It can thrive in full sunlight, but also in shade.

9. Zanzibar Gem

40 low light succulents

Picture via bagoys

Simply known all over the world as the ZZ plant, it is rich with small, dagger-shaped leaves, which when healthy give off a waxy glow. Like other plants on this list, it does pretty well in situations with low light. But, remember to be spare with water. Its roots are extra sensitive and any little bit of extra water could damage its roots.

10. Flaming Katie

40 low light succulents

Picture via gardenmanage

One of the most beautiful plants on our list. With just one look at its crimson, bright, big flowers you will realize why it is called Flaming Katie. It does not always enjoy low light. But, once the flowers are in full bloom, the plant thrives in low light or shade. And, since the flowers long, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of its flowers for quite a while.


11. Bear Paw

40 low light succulents

Picture via Wikimedia

If you ever encounter a plant with leaves that are full of fuzziness, you have probably stumbled upon a Bear Paw plant. But unlike bears or their paws for that matter, they are small. An average Bear paw plant will grow up to one foot. Don’t worry if your Bear Paw is not growing in winter or summer. There are two kinds, one who grows in winter, and the other in summer.

12. Panda Plant

low light succulents panda plant

Picture via Succulents Network

Looking from afar, the leaves of the Panda Plant look like they might hurt. They are pale green, with dark edges that look like they have been burned. But, once you get up close and feel them yourself, you realize that is not the case. The leaves are in fact quite soft. So, it is no wonder that the other name for this plant is Pussy’s Foot. It thrives in indirect sunlight.

13. Green Ice

40 low light succulents

Picture via shopee

Green Ice is the only hybrid on our list. It is a fusion of Aloe vera and Gasteria. Just by looking at it, one can conclude that it got the best of both worlds. They are very sturdy and can survive in all kinds of conditions, including low light. This also makes them an ideal candidate for buying and shipping online.

14. Ox Tongue

low light succulents ox tongue

Picture via hirts

The Ox Tongue is a member of the Gasteria family. We could say that it is the odd one out. Unlike many other members of this family, it has triangular leaves, which are also one of the roughest leaves amongst succulents. Like other members of its family, it spouts and grows in rocky terrains with a lot of shade.

15. Gasteria

40 low light succulents

Picture via Amazon

Those who are not as familiar with the whole plant world will likely confuse the Gasteria with an Aloe plant. The biggest difference between the two is the color o the leaves and height. Namely, the Gasteria is on average a lot shorter than a member of the Aloe plant family. There are two main types of Gasteria: the Bicolor and the Liliputana.

16. Mistletoe Cactus

40 low light succulents

Picture via gardeningknowhow

When you hear the word cactus, you were probably imagining something quite different. But there is quite a variety in the cactus family. This one can grow up to ten feet. One of its most attractive features, however, are its flowers. When the time is ripe it can sprout a whole bunch of beautiful white flowers. It enjoys shade and being planted up high. If you need more information about this specific type, read this article!


 17. Claw Cactus

40 low light succulents

Picture via edensouthwest

The next plant on our list has many names. Besides being called Claw Cactus, people refer to it also as the Crab cactus, Easter cactus, Holiday cactus and if you are from the States you might know it as the Thanksgiving cactus. They are one of the most popular cactus kinds and can be bought almost everywhere. With enough shade and love, it will flower amazing red, pink, or orange flowers.


18. Crown of Thorns

40 low light succulents

Picture via gardeningknowhow

You have to be very careful with the Crown of Thorns plant due to its toxicity. If you have pets you might consider avoiding the purchase of this plant. It is also one of those plants that can live in shade and low light, but it does not thrive. It grows much faster with direct light. The flowers it can create also only sprout when its in direct sunlight. When in direct sunlight it can grow fast, so you will need to repot it. For all about succulent repoting, check out our How to repot succulents guide.


19. Devil’s Backbone

low light succulents devils backbone plant

Picture via theflowerpotnursery

Another plant on this list that is quite toxic. It can thrive in both direct or low light. But, it grows faster with direct light. That is not to say that it will not grow in low light. It will, but slower. That is more of a blessing than a curse since it has the most aggressive growth rate out of all the plants on this list.


20. Jade Plant

40 low light succulents

Picture via indiamart

Even if this plant comes with a lot of different subspecies, they all can thrive both indoor and outdoor, as well as in direct light or in shade. But, it will not grow as much as an indoor plant. If you plant it outside it might grow as big as a bush or even a tree. Another benefit of planting it outside is its pink flowers that bloom in spring. Main problem of the Jade Plants is the white spots on the leaves. If you have this issue, have a look at our article to learn how to fix the white spots on Jade Plants.


21. Zebra Cactus

40 low light succulents

Picture via shopee

The vast majority of cacti have bumpy spots full of spikes. The zebra cactus is an exception. Instead of spots, it has stripes. It is due to those stripes that it has gotten its name.

22. Tulista Pumila

40 low light succulents

Picture via gardentags

Another plant on our list that gets confused for the Aloe plant. Commonly called the pearl plant, it hails from South Africa and it is a close evolutionary cousin of the Aloe plant. All of the plants in this family grow low, slow, and have pearl white like stripes on them.

23. Snake Plant

40 low light succulents

Picture via springrosesouq

One of the more common house plants all over the world, it is also called the Mother-in-Law, probably due to its long, sharp leaves that look like a green fusion of a tongue and a sword. It is quite durable. Both direct sunlight and sitting in the shade work well for it. One of the rare plants on this of low light succulents who won’t be harmed by a day in the sun. Here you can find the types of snake plants. They have different shapes and colors!


24. String of Hearts

40 low light succulents

Picture via IKEA

Some people call it the Rosary Vine. It has thin tubers and very pretty heart-shaped leaves. If you have space around your windows or want to decorate your shelf with something stylish, alive, and striking, his plant might be the ideal candidate.

25. String of Pearls

low light succulent string of pearls

Picture via greeneryunlimited

Its pearls might not be white, but this plant is still a joy to behold. Like the string of hearts, it is a wonderful candidate for decorating high shelves around your home. Just be sure that it gets enough shade, so those pretty green pearls don’t go to waste. Find 7 types of string plants here.


26. String of Bananas

40 low light succulents

Picture via Etzy

The third string-like plant on our list of low light succulents. It has leaves that bend slights and from afar one might think that it is creating miniature bananas down its string-like shape. It like shade, but not too much, thriving in indirect sunlight.

27. Lace Aloe

40 low light succulents

Picture via easternleaf

The Lace Aloe is one of the smallest variations of the Aloe plant. It grows quite dense, with rosettas that look like spikes, decorated with spots that are as white as snow.


28. Partridge Breasted Aloe

40 low light succulents

Picture via harlowgardens

Short, small but quite thick his subvariation of the Aloe plant has found its way into many homes and hearts. One of the biggest reasons for its popularity is its striking visuals, empowered even more when it blooms coral colored flowers during winter or spring.


29. Aloe Vera

40 low light succulents

Picture via palmenmann

We have finally come to one of the most familiar and popular plants on our list of low light succulents: Aloe Vera. A lot of people grow this plant, not only for its beauty but because it also has medicinal properties. Those properties can help heal sunburn or even cuts and bruises. But, its not too sturdy and it needs consistency in terms of weather conditions to grow optimally.


30. Donkey’s Tail

pet safe succulents

Also called the Burro’s Tail, this plant grows in a very attractive fashion. It has stems that can grow up to three feet long, or even more. If your house has a hanging basket or pot that needs a new plant, and it is either facing north or in a lot of shade, be sure to plant the Donkey’s tail. For all information on poting succulents, check out our how to pot succulents guide.


31. Star Window Plant

low light succulents star window plant

Picture via Flickr

It is the fusion of two other species of Howarthia, and it is native to the eastern parts of southern Africa. It has stunning long leaves ha look like boats from afar. They are usually a mixture of dark green and yellow-like green. It is one of the smallest plants on our list of low light succulents, with a peak size of only five inches.


32. Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri x rosea

low light succulents  Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri x rosea

A lot of people mistake this plant for the jungle cactus, but they are two distinct plants. Usually found in jungles, this stunning plant with is bright red flowers has also acclimated to homes around the world. It can bloom all kinds of colored flowers not just red ones. It likes to be planted high and in a lot of shade.


33. Aldabra Aloe

40 low light succulents

Picture via Wikimedia

Another member of the aloe family on our list of low light succulents. It hails from the eastern parts of Africa. It grows low to the ground. The leaves that it grows are as luscious as with other aloe plants, but one big difference is that their secondary color is not the usual white but red or orange.


34. Wax Plant

40 low light succulents

Picture via atozflowers

Stunning beauty in its own right, this plant is one of the rare plants on our list of low light succulents that come from Asia and Australia. But, it is still one of the most popular low light succulents. For example, the British royal gardens have been full of it ever since it was introduced in Britain over 200 years ago.



35. Mother of Thousands

40 low light succulents

Picture via Amazon

The Mother of Thousands also called the Alligator plant, is native to the island of Madagascar. It is a close relation to another low light succulent, the Devil’s Backbone. This plant has some of the more interesting looking leaves, with their leave edges decorated like a Mexican hat.


36. Conophytum calculus

low light succulents

Picture via cactusplaza

A very unique plant from South Africa. The Latin word calculus means pebble and it perfectly describes the looks of this plant. It looks like a pebble with a bright yellow flower on top. It does not need a lot of water and enjoys the shade.


37. Dew Plant

There are a lot of low light succulents who have just the most mesmerizing red flowers and this plant is no exception. But, it is not a real shade lover. It likes a little shade, and it can also sustain life in the direct sunlight.


38. Scarlet Ball Cactus

40 low light succulents

Picture via Etzy

The Scarlet ball cactus is one of the coolest looking low light succulents. Even if it hails from a very damp and hot environment, this native Brazilian plant can adapt very well to low light conditions.


39. Lifesaver Cactus

40 low light succulents

Picture via gardenmanage

Cacti are usually thought of as the best survivors in the harshes conditions. But, not all of them are like that. The Life Saver Cactus is more sensitive. It likes a very specific amount of sun. It will wilt with either too much or too little sunlight, but its more suite for low light than direct sunlight.


40. Woodland Stonecrop

low light succulents

Another member of the Crassulaceae family after the ordinary Stonecrop plant and the Jade plant. It blooms wonderful white flowers between April and June and likes being in the shade.

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