7 Types of String Succulents

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Have you always wanted to know about the different types of string succulents? Then you’re in luck; we have made a detailed list after doing a lot of research to find the best plants out there. So if you want to hang plants around the house, in a basket or on your shelf you could think “what succulents can I pick?”. There are so many succulent plants that hang and could be ideal for hanging baskets.

While other succulents can grow straight out of the pot and become quite tall, and hard to deal with, if you want to learn how to manage your succulents growing everywhere, have a look at our detailed guide, “How to handle succulents growing tall,” here.

Some succulents do best when they are allowed to hang out of their pot. Some succulents grow better if you let them grow freely like that, with a piece of its stream down. Here are our top seven types of string succulents that we think you should have.

7 Types of String Succulents

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1. Sansevieria Parva (Kenya Hyacinth)

The Kenya Hyacinth is one of the succulents that can look beautiful anywhere in the home if you take care of it. Usually, the plant stands straight up, letting their ends hanging. Kenya Hyacinth foliage shaped like a beautiful lance can grow to be 45 cm (1.5 feet) long. When it finally flowers, it boasts small pink-white colors making it the perfect plant for your home.

For people who want to own this plant, you should know that it grows fast and has typical succulent water needs. Thankfully, we have written a “Watering Succulent Guide” that teaches in-depth how to water the plant.


2. Sedum morganiaum (Donkey’s Tail)

In our opinion, this succulent is one of the more beautiful succulents that hang down. It is suitable for both indoor growing and outdoor growing. When it grows from a pot, the plants steam tend to cascade down all over the edges of its container. Its foliage is both very bright green and short, giving it that unique succulent look. Also a side tip, it looks beautiful if placed around your outdoor fence, letting it grow over the fence.

Growing the hanging succulent can be especially easy; we have created a great guide based on our long experience in propagating the plants our selves. You can read all about that here in our “propagate guide.” We recommend that you own this type of string succulent if you are someone who likes natural beauty all around you.

7 Types of String Succulents

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3. Little Pickles (Othonna capensis)

The Little Pickles is not the typical hanging succulent, rather than hanging entirely out the pot, it creeps out of it. Othonna Capensis belongs to the Daisy plant family, featuring trailing stems that can be quite long. Little Pickles is perhaps the best example of what a hanging down plant looks like, because of the way it hangs. When it finally blooms, it blooms yellowish; it should always be placed in plenty of sunshine.

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7 Types of String Succulents

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4. String of Hearts (Ceropegia linearis subsp. woodii)

A type of string succulents that is often referred to as the Rosary Vine, the String of Hearts is a beautiful succulent. With its long and pendulous stems that hang out of the pot elegantly, if you care for them well. Ceropegia linearis has leaves that are shaped like a heart and are purple green with a bit of silver. When you look under the leaves, you can see a different colour, purple-gray.

The String of Hearts can be easily propagated if you follow our “propagate Guide.” By doing so, you are sure to get some of the most beautiful succulents out there.

7 Types of String Succulents

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5. Burro’s Tail (Sedum burrito)

Burro’s Tail is a plant that would look great on your Instagram feed a type of string succulents that you need to have. Originating in South America, more specifically Mexico and Honduras has beautiful green leaves. It is a succulent that has hanging leaves, that usually trail down from the pot as it grows slowly. This plant is best for people who want to place their succulent in a basket.

If you want to take good care of your Burro’s Tail, you need to know how to plant it. Learn about that in our “Planting Guide.” This type of string succulents needs to be placed in a brightly lit atrium or patios with filtered light.

7 Types of String Succulents

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6. String of Pearls (Curio rowleyanus

Perhaps the most carefree succulent to care for on our list, the String of Pearls look like a beaded necklace. With colorful fleshy green leaves, and when the foliage hangs out of the basket, it looks beautiful. Perhaps one of the strangest looking succulent to keep around your home, but an excellent addition to your succulent basket collection.

7. String of Nickels (Dischidia nummularia)

 One of our favorite types of string succulents is the String of Nickles, also known as Dischidia nummularia. One of the most interesting facts about this plant is its foliage; it calls for attention. This plant is perhaps one of the best succulents for your basket. That is because when their round, gray-green leaves start hanging down, it becomes so beautiful. When you examen the leaves closer, you might notice why the plant has the nickname “nickles.”

If you want the plant to thrive, you need to have the best soil out there for the plant. Many people don’t know what succulent soil to use, but we have written an article with a detailed “Succulents Soil Guide.” You can learn better about the succulents soil here.

There are so many different types of hanging succulents, but we only talked about seven of them. This type of succulents is best for people who don’t want to put much effort into caring for their succulents.

String succulents don’t need as much watering, but you should not overwater the plants. We have written a great “Watering Succulent Guide” to make it all more comfortable for you.

So if you want to choose the best hanging succulent for your home or garden, maybe you could have found one here.


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