Succulents are a group of plants that are characterized by their capability to store water in their thick and fleshy leaves. There are several types of succulent plants, many of them having thicker leaves more than others. Traditionally, these plants used to survive as wild and desert plants, while they are used currently in domestic and are kept like flowers in living rooms and gardens at homes.

What Are Succulents Best Growing Conditions?

These succulent plants mostly do well in dry areas than humid areas. The fatty and fleshy leaves store water during the dry season, and the plant may survive for a very long time in the desert. The succulent plant can also be watered to be healthy and flower, but watering is not necessary as it thrives all the same when in dry environments, and it does not need water to survive. Succulent cannot also survive in a severe dry climate, because after exhausting water in their roots, the plant can utilize the water store in their leaves for a while, after which it will take a short time to get exhausted. Under this situation, the succulent plant can rot and die.

Most succulent plants do not thrive well in cold areas since they cannot withstand freezing. The water inside the leaves will not adapt these environments as it causes the plant to develop mushy leaves, or the plant can die.

What Are Succulents

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There are other categories of succulent that can withstand freezing. These are examples of sempervivums and sedums, and these are two categories that can withstand temperatures below freezing and can also do well in warm temperatures.

The increase in temperatures, lack of water or sunlight can change the behavior and color of a succulent plant. You can realize the blue color most often when there is an increase in temperatures and lack of water. During normal favorable conditions, succulent change colors ranging from purple, orange, pink, red and some almost black.

One more characteristic of a succulent plant is its potential to propagate quickly. The succulent plant can emerge and thrive through the fallen leave of another succulent, and this is the reason why you can find several succulent plants in a place.

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What Are Succulents Known For

Succulent is a beautiful plant that most people like in around their gardens or inside their living rooms as decor. Beauty is not all about succulent, but it has lots of benefits that we are yet to discuss below.

How succulents improve air quality

  • Some categories of the succulent plant such as snake plant and aloe help in air purification by removing toxins from the air. The succulent plant has pore, which helps in absorbing toxins such as ammonia and benzene that may be harmful to your respiratory. It also releases water vapor, which can help in air purification even more by adding extra moisture to dry air within the room. Having dry air in your room leads to dry skins and some discomforts such as the sore throat. Pick some of the plants in your nearest garden center, and you will be good to enjoy its health benefits.

Eating succulents is healthy

  • Some succulent plants such as pineapple, yucca, saguaro and opuntia are perfect snacks that can help boost your body health.

Sea beans are rare species of beans that you can hardly find in a grocery. These beans are rich in protein, iron, iodine and calcium, and they taste a bit saltier than other beans since it is grown in salty beaches and marshes. These beans can be eaten raw or fried and served together with fish.

Cactus is also very beneficial, and we can cut a piece of cactus and make salsa out of it. Salsa I very delicious and rich in vitamin C, fibre and it is low in calories.

What Are Succulents

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How succulent Improves your concentration

Some studies show that indoor plants help in improving concentration and boosting one’s moods for up to 15%. This keeps reminding you of the beautiful nature outside and thus helping in calming your mind. If you want a peaceful, natural, relaxed working place, consider having a succulent and cacti in your home. Also, watching and caring for the plant within your living room helps in alleviating depression and loneliness.

How Succulents Have Been Used As Medicine

Succulents such as cacti and aloes, among others, are not just used as flowers, but they have healing properties and have been used by many for a very long time for healing wounds, among other health benefits. Aloe Vera gel is used to treat sunburns, bruises and cuts while agave is used as a natural antiseptic for treatment of burns and cuts. Aloe Vera is further applied in the internal treatment of bowel diseases, fever, among other different conditions.

Yucca is also one of the known medicine used for the treatment of scratches and cuts, and it is used nowadays for the treatment of arthritis. Yucca contains antioxidants and saponins that are used to ease joint pain and reduce inflammation. Yucca can be taken in supplements, but also it can be chopped into pieces and fried to form some French fries. Once fried all the antioxidant properties, all calories and cancel out, it will be less effective.

What Are Succulents

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How Succulent Can Survive Anywhere.

The succulent plant can survives in everywhere. Whether you are living in an apartment, house or condo, succulent remind your best indoor plant if you enjoy having greens in your house. You can plant your succulent pant in a mason jar, small pots hanging planters or any other planting choice. Succulent can be used in wall gardening too. This is because it has a low and shallow root system that cant extends much to the wall. Wall gardening is very beautiful, and it helps in saving the floor space.

It is very hard to care for another plant indoors since you may find it difficult to ensure that it gets sunlight or the need for regular watering. For succulent plants, these all practices are very minimal. It is a very hardy plant the requires less care since they can survive anywhere.

How To Repot Succulents