What are watering globes or aqua globes? Well, watering globes are a useful tool that will provide your plants with water while you are on vacation or unable to tend to your plants. Alternatively, these aqua globes can help reduce the frequency that you need to water your plants manually. Although you should understand how long your aqua globe lasts before you set it up. In this article, we are going to explore how you should use the aqua globe and what it really is.

What Are Aqua Globes?

The first thing that we are going to tackle on our quest to find out how to do watering globes work is defining what they truly are. There are a lot of names and nicknames for watering globes. Some call them as we just did watering globes, others use the word aqua or aqual. But, what you need to know is that they all refer to the same thing, the only real difference is in the manufacturer of said items. And what is that item and how do watering globes work in reality?

First and foremost, a watering or aqua globe is a piece of glass, that has been specially designed and blown so that it can water your own plant for you. Basically, it is a colored glass bulb attached to a long, thinnish, glass stem. You fill the bulb with water and stick the stem into the soil where your plant has been planted. This slow, dripping mechanism should water your plant according to its daily needs. There are no more dangers of too much water hurting your plant. Nor do you need to worry about when and if you have watered your plant. With the help of watering globes, the days of detailed and complex watering schedules for all your plants are about to become ancient, barbaric history. And that is the answer to the question of how do watering globes work.

This sort of ideal watering should be available to every sort of plant. It doesn’t matter if the plant of your choosing is a large or small houseplant if it is patio plant, or something quite more exotic than the ones we mentioned earlier. With the help of watering globes, every plant you got will satisfy its water needs with the help of these lovely items.

How Do Watering Globes Work

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How do Watering Globes Work Towards Lowering your Stress and Obligations

The items do not only have impressive functionality, that gets some obligations and stress from our shoulders, but they are also quite striking to the eye. The glass is well designed and the coloring is sure to catch your eye. Those facts are probably way more important than people realize. We are all quite forgetful creatures. And having that item that associates us to a very specific and simple task such as refilling an empty bulb could be a gamechanger. We have all forgotten to water our plant here or there.

And it is hard to tell at times. Different seasons, temperatures and climate conditions can throw you a curveball so that you struggle to figure out when and how much water your plant will need in those erratic conditions. Now all you need to do is to wait for that shiny colored bulb to run out of the water, refill it and watch as your plants grow big, strong and beautiful.

But, how do watering globes work so well on every kind of plant? Surely they can’t fit every single plant so perfectly. We encourage you to read on and find the answer to the question of how do watering globes work

so well on almost every type of plant in the world.

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Glass Watering Globes for Succulents

To answer questions like how do watering globes work for succulents we first need to look at what kind of watering system are those plants used to in their natural habitat.

Succulents such as cactuses are not used to constant watering. They thrive in a natural habitat that is mostly soak and dry. Soak and dry means that they don’t get rain and water all that often, but when they do their whole soil is soaked in its totality. Once its fully soaked the soil will dry out, almost completely. Once the soil is dry you should water it again, soaking the soil completely. If you have a succulent in a pot, we advise you to have soil that drains well with a good drainage hole.

But, when we speak of a well-soaked soil, we mean exactly that. A lot of people make the mistake and spill some water on the leaves or other parts of their succulent plants. This can be quite harmful. It can even lead to rotting of the plant. So be careful and precise when you water your succulent.

So to answer the question, how do watering globes work for succulents, poorly. In general, it would be a bad idea to water your cactus or any other type of succulent with this method. As we have mentioned earlier, they are used to a method of watering that is the categorical opposite of the way watering globes function. If you are using watering globes to water your succulents you better stop such bad practice. If you don’t, your plant will succumb to some sort of illness, and will eventually rot.

How Do Watering Globes Work

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How do Watering Globes Work With Your Average Succulent?

Watering globes could be used as some sort of last resort, even if such a resort is hard to imagine. Succulents are fighters and used to scrape by with the minimum of water that they get. Most of them will be fine even with a month, or more, without a drop of water. This means that watering globes could be used, but perhaps only once in a few months. If you are in and out of a rented apartment that you only use for work-related trips, or if you have a holiday home that you don’t visit more than once every two or three months, than in that case you might consider using watering globes.

But be sure to adjust the position of the stem of the watering globe, you want it to drip as slowly as possible. Why is that, well you want to create a balance of soak and dry soil. Succulents hate to be in soaked water for longer than 2 or 3 days. In summary, succulents and watering globes do not mix well, use them only as a last resort. And remember, when someone asks you, “How do watering globes work for succulents?”, you can answer them with a simple, “Not ideally”.

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Why You Should Use Watering Globes?

After we have answered the question of how do watering globes work for succulents, it is time to see how do watering globes on other plants, especially those who thrive on such a watering system and why they are useful for you, dear reader.

How Do Watering Globes Work for Plants that Need a Lot of Water

IF you were to ask, in a world where plants could talk, these plants how do watering globes work, they would tell you, like a dream. They are the plants that love water and simply can’t get enough of them. Some of these plants include Baby’s Tears, Cyprinus, Selaginella, and the Boston fern.

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It Is Easier For You

We all love our plants and always promise them to take the utmost care for them. But, one time or the other, we fail at our promise. Life gets in the way, with all its intricacies, complications and obligations. So it is nice to give that responsibility to a well designed, beautiful item such as the watering globes are. So fill that glass bulb, not fully, and connect the stem to the soil. Watch your plants feast on the water for ten to fourteen days, without you breaking a sweat. But, don’t get too relaxed and forgetful, so that the watering globe goes empty and the soil of your beloved plant starts to dry out.

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How Do Watering Globes Work To Keep the Soil At A Constant Moisture Level

One of the fundamentals of how do watering globes work is their ability to keep the soil at a constant moisture level. Once you fill the glass bulb accordingly and position it ideally, your soil will remain as moist as it needs to be. This is how watering globes remove the danged of a soil that is either too dry or too soaked. Much like an IV drop in humans, it will feed your plant the right amount of water, at the right time, never doing too much or too little.

How Do Watering Globes Work Towards Building Your Habits

habits, be good or bad follow a simple three-step plan. First, you have an incident, occurrence or impulse that pushes you towards a type of behavior, and once you do that thing that the impulse pushes you towards, you will feel a sort of award or pleasure. A watering globe can be such a habit instigator. Once you start noticing it around the house, and you notice that it is empty you will right away go towards it, refill it with water and reinstall it at the right angle. And knowing that you did something positive for your plant will give you the pleasure that will push you towards doing other constructive things during your day.

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How Do Watering Globes Work With Sensitive Plants

The answer to the question, how do watering globes work with sensitive plants depends on your use of the globes. If you position them well enough, they should be an ideal companion for your sensitive plant. Some plants really need to be hit in the watering and moisture soft spot. They wilt easily otherwise. So to keep the moisture balanced use watering globes.

How Do Watering Globes Work To Stop Clogging In The pot

Make sure to create a clean and clear pathway for the water to drip into. Don’t make the soil too firm, it could break the watering globe. You can use any gardening tool or even just a pencil to form a pathway for the water to drip towards your plants.

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How Do Watering Globes Work

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Why You Should Not Use Watering Globes?

There isn’t an item in existence that is without flaws or drawbacks. No matter what, there are some answers and situations where the answer to the question of how do water globes work is, not ideally, or just plainly poor. These don’t make the watering globes a bad and useless item by any means, but they just are not the optimal thing for a given plant in a given situation.

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If your plant needs water to be delivered on a schedule that is not erratic, watering globes might not be an ideal solution for you. It is hard for a normal human to position the globe in the same angel every single time. This means that the globe will not last the same amount of days every time. Sometimes it will be closer to a week, other times it might last up to two weeks. It all depends on the amount of water you put in it, as well as the angle of insertion.

How do watering globes work with hard soil? Not great. The majority of watering globes on the market are quite fragile. Some of them are made out of glass, other out of plastic, but all have to elongated necks that can be really prone to breaking. And even minor problems like cracks can really mess up the amount of water that your plant gets on a regular basis. So, in the case that you really want to use watering globes, be prepared for a few breaks and cracks every now and then. Invest in plenty of replacement watering globes as well.

Our final reason why you should look past watering globes is the design of the opening. They can really differ. Some are really tiny, quite narrow. Refilling those narrow openings can be an annoying and stressful endeavor. If you combine this with our previous complaint, about their fragility, you can imagine that once you replace one watering globe with another you do not have the guarantee that it will water your plant, which is already used to getting water at a specific frequency, the same way.

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But, if you have a lot of plants, and the majority of them are not succulents, then we think that watering globes are a good investment. If you love plants that are not succulents you should find out yourself how watering globes work.