When someone gives you cactus for gift it can mean many things. Most people are familiar with what symbolic meaning flowers have. Those beautiful red roses that symbolize romance and love. While yellow roses mostly signify strong friendship. Although all these roses are from the same type of flower, the only difference is that their color is different.

It can be essential to know what type of message plants sent (so when someone gives you cactus for gift, you should know). Think about it this way, if you don’t see the meaning behind the plant, but for Valentine’s Day, you give your significant other a yellow rose! NOT good! (you automatically placed yourself in the friend zone).

With cactuses, and succulents just like with flowers, each color has its meaning, and you should know about it. In this article, we are going to go over what it means to give someone a cactus, what it means to your loved one when you give them a beautiful succulent plant!

What does it mean if someone gives you a cacti

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They Think You’re Strong

Cactuses are both robust, sturdy, and enduring. These plants can survive so many things, even grow in a barren desert wasteland while being deprived of water. How amazing is that! This is one of the main reasons why cactuses have started to represent tenacity, strength, and endurance in the face of trouble.

When someone presents you with a cactus for gift, they think you are a strong fighter. So if you forget to water your succulent you don’t need to worry, the plant is a strong survivor, it can handle it.

If you own cactus and it is in bad shape, don’t worry often it can be easy to fix that. If you are going through a hard time, then it is common that people present you with a cactus to show support. Sometimes it can help you remember your inner strength when you are a bit down.

Often when we forget how strong we are, these little plants can remind you of your inner strength. 

What Type Of Plant Are Cactuses?

They Care About You

Dating back to the Native American culture where cactus is thought to represent both motherly love, protection, and warmth.

When you think of cactus for gift, you might do so because it can survive harsh conditions so it can endure everything in the new owner’s home. These beautiful plants have started to be a symbol of unconditional motherly love. 

Cactuses symbolize maternal love and care because of their healing qualities. Native Americans have, for such a long time, been using their pulp and juice to care for wounds and other digestive ailments. It is one of the main reasons why this plant started to represent motherly love.

So when someone gives you a cactus, it means that they love you and care about you as a person.

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They Want to Protect You

When someone presents you with a cactus for gift, it can mean that they want to protect you. It is also considered to be good Feng Shui if you place your beautiful new succulent on a windowsill or a terrace. Doing so is thought to help protect yourself from misfortune and negative energy. So if anyone is sending you bad thoughts or lousy energy, it should be bounced back by the sharp spikes of the cactus. The cactus is now starting to sound a little better!

Be careful that you don’t place your cactus near the entrance of your home. Doing so means the opposite; it would bring bad energy to your home, according to Feng Shui.

What does it mean if someone gives you a cacti

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They May be Attracted to You

In the Western part of the world, when you get cactus for gift, it symbolizes strength when facing hardship, and maternal love. While getting a flowering cactus from someone that comes from Japan can signal that they are attracted to you.

In Japan, it is a tradition that dates far back to assign meaning to flowers. This tradition is called Hanakotoba. Although it is not accessible in today’s Japan, it used to be a severe matter. When people gave each other flowers, it wasn’t something that people did without thought. Each flower, each color had a meaning; it was a message sent without words.

The tradition of Hanakotoba associates the cactus with the feeling of lust. When you give someone a cactus, it meant you are giving them an indirect love letter while most people don’t know that cacti signal affection, so don’t overthink about what it means when you get a cactus from a close friend.