Gone are the days when farmers winged it or when it came to planting conditions hoping the weather would cooperate. Thanks to technology and research, succulent lovers can now control every aspect of the environment the plants grow in from the air condition to the temperature and even humidity, among other variables.

So if you are a diehard farmer or are just starting out and decided to invest in a grow room, then one of the hardest decisions to make is which air conditioner to get. With hundreds of models in the market all seemingly offering the same thing, it’s very easy to end up stuck with a substandard product. Not if you read this article, below are things you should consider before making a purchase decision and the best brands to choose from.

Types Of Air Conditioners

Keeping to account the size of your grow room/tent, and the housing regulation, you should then be able to settle one an air conditioner type. Your budget will also play a very massive role as the difference is mostly portability and price.

1. Portable Air Conditioners For Grow Room

As the name suggests, these are easily moved from one place to another and are fairly small in size. They are arguably the best option for small grow rooms, that’s if you get one with two tubes.

2. Mini-Split Conditioners

It comes with two parts. One for mounting on the wall and the other is placed outside. They are very powerful but require technical skills to install.

3. Ceiling Mount Conditioners For Grow Room

This is ideal for those with limited storage in the room. It, however, requires careful installation, which can get a bit pricey.

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What To Have In Mind When Purchasing The Right Grow Air Conditioner

After conducting research on the specific needs of the plants you intend to grow, then finding an air conditioner that aligns with those needs is next. It’s imperative to consider;

  • Energy Efficiency

Since the main goal is to maximize profits and minimize cost, you don’t need energy-inefficient products that will set your power bills skyrocketing. Look for ACs with the highest seer (seasonal energy efficient ration logo beforehand as this signifies the product will use up energy efficiency.

  • Brand And Reviews

Go for more re-known brands with awesome reviews from previous users. Don’t be swayed with the low prices of the random sir conditioning companies mushrooming everywhere as they have questionable durability and quality.

  • Product Warranty And Customer Service

Due to the nature and price of the product, make it a habit to prioritize the ones that come with cashback guarantee or long warranties. Also, the seller should be able to offer good after-sale service on how to go about the installation and be able to answer your subsequent questions promptly.

  • Control Systems

The easier it is to operate and the bigger the operating range, the better. Opt for those you can adjust to fit your exact setting easily.

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Best Air Conditioners For Grow Rooms

After being a thorough grower and conducting research on the specific needs your plants require. You can comfortably narrow on the best air conditioner for a grow room/tent. My personal favorites include:

1. Whynter ARC-14S With Activated Carbon Filter

Why get an air conditioner only when you can get a dehumidifier, fan and an air conditioner all in one. Hence why the Whynter ARC-146 was an instant favorite. It has a stylish outlook of white and black stainless steel, which is only 80 lbs. and will help beautify your space.

It comes with wheels to help you move around, and its cord is about 60 inches. To make it more convenient, it comes with a remote control and a washable activated charcoal pre-filter. Ideal for small spaces of up to 500 square feet as the power output is 1200W with a 14000 BTU cooling ability.

With a capacity of dehumidifying around 101 pints a day, you don’t have to worry about it leaking if you can’t change the water on time. This is because of its leakage current detection and interruption plug. Noise is almost non-existent at 56Db, so your peace is guaranteed.

Pros Of The Product

  • Has three functions in one
  • Has a 24-hour programmable timer
  • Has a washable activated carbon filter
  • Light, compact and stylish

Cons Of The Product

  • Has a low output in terms of cooling air
  • Has no warranty in most countries

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2. LG LP0817WSR 115V Portable Air Conditioner for grow room.

If you want peace and quiet, then this is the quietest air conditioner for someone in the market for someone in a budget as with only 53Db of noise. It comes with a three-function capability, namely, dehumidifier, two fans, and the air conditioner. The humidifier produces 1.8 pints per hour, so you might need to check it often.

This beauty runs on 115v/60 Hz hence ideal for a small room of up to 200 square feet. Its air is very directional as it shoots upwards with a BTU of 8000. Don’t worry about portability as it is only 63lbs and has wheels and side handles for easy steering.

It has an auto evaporation feature, and the positioning of its fans will guarantee every inch of the room is cooled.

Pros Of The Product

  • Affordable and reputable
  • Very portable
  • Pretty quiet for the price

Cons Of The Product

  • Hard to install for the common grower
  • High affinity for leaking

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The Best Air Conditioners for Grow Room

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3. Pioneer WYS012-17 Ductless Inverter Air Conditioner for grow room

The most interesting thing about this product is the range it offers, as the BTU falls from 9000 to 36000 depending on the one you get. It is recommended for 350-400 square feet of rooms and is very efficient in its cooling. Though ductless, it comes in a stylish contemporary design that will blend well with its surroundings.

It is very energy efficient with a 19 SEER and can run on 208-230 V. For a beginner, it is very easy to install as it comes with pretty straight forward pieces. Don’t worry about noise as it only produces 53Bd, which is commendable for its make.

It can either be used for cooling or heating hence good value for money. To seal the deal.it comes with a leak indicator which is programmed to stop the whole operation if a leak is detected.

Pros Of The Product

  • Good value for money
  • Very easy to install
  • Has a leak indicator

Cons Of The Product

  • Bad customer service when you have an issue
  • The leak indicator sets off falsely a lot.
The Best Air Conditioners for Grow Room

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4. BLACK + DECKER BPACT08WT Portable AC with Remote Control

When it comes to convenience, this product takes the win. It is fairly very quiet with 52Db only and a led indicator and remote control that allows you to change settings from across the room. It requires only 115V to operate and works with a BTU of up to 8000.

It is recommended for small spaces of 110-150 square feet. With its long extension cord and wheels at the bottom, portability is high ranking. The fans are in constant vertical motion guaranteeing you a cool stream of air.

Like many of its competition, it has a three in one feature and id ideal for the whole household and not just the grow tent. Also, it comes with a washable filter, that is a bonus to the air quality for both you and your plants.

Pros Of The Product

  • Extremely easy to install
  • Very portable, compact and stylish
  • High output

Cons Of The Product

  • Led display is too bright
  • Flimsy weather strips

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5. Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E 5, 000 BTU 115V

If you are a fan of window air conditioners, then this is air conditioner for grow room is a gem worth looking in to. Like many of its type, it has two controls; one for temperature the other for modes. It is fairly compact and comes in total white hence good to look at.

It comes with a 5000 BTU and works wonders in a room of up to 150 square feet. You will hardly notice the noise as it produces 51 Db, which is good enough for its model. Ensure you set a reminder to change its filter as it has no indicator, but you only need a few seconds to clean and reinstall the said filters.

As it has three functions in one. The humidifier has the ability to rid 1.1 pints per hour, leaving your plants in topnotch environment. The air is produced in two ways, and it also features two fans for maximum efficiency. At only 41 pounds, it is fairly light and easy to install.

Pros Of The Product

  • Easy to clean and install
  • Very stylish and compact

Cons Of The Product

  • Has no indicators
The Best Air Conditioners for Grow Room

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6. Midea 12000 BTU Easy cool AC

This portable and stylish air conditioner for grow room is what I think of when I hear perfection. It comes equipped with three fan speeds and five modes, giving you a nice range for achieving a perfect setting for your plants. You don’t even have to move a muscle to alter the settings as it comes with a remote control and a well-lit led display.

Its quality is topnotch as it comes with a one year warranty. It is highly recommended this air conditioner for grow room of up to 150 square feet and produces a BTU of up to 12000. This beauty only needs 115V of power, which is easy to find from any outlet. Just like the rest, it also acts as a cooler and humidifier and does its job with minimal check ups. The extension cord is almost 80 inches hence very convenient in large rooms.

Pros Of The Product.

  • Comes with a sleep feature
  • It takes roughly 15 minutes to install
  • It has a washable filter that is easy to clean.

Cons Of The Product

  • Very noisy (55 dB) and heavy to port around.
The Best Air Conditioners for Grow Room

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7. Honeywell MN12CES Portable Air Conditioner for grow room with Dehumidifier and Fan


If your grow room is 555 square feet or less, then this portable air conditioner. For the grow room is perfect for your needs. The quality is amazing, as Honeywell produces fine things since it started. Its a bit noisy at 55Db but for its output, we can hardly complain.

It comes with remote control and a led display for when you don’t have the patience to keep going over to adjust settings. This air conditioner for growing room works with a 12000 to 6500 BTU cooling capacity and has a maximum of 163 CFM. Your room will always be well aired, and your plants are going to appreciate the powerful fans.

Pros Of The Product

  • Very affordable
  • High output and it stays consistent

Cons Of The Product

  • Very noisy
  • Often overheats.
The Best Air Conditioners for Grow Room

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8. Edge Star AP14OO3 Portable Air Conditioner for grow room with Dehumidifier and Fan

The market has a surplus of good portable air conditioners for grow room, and the edge star Ap14OO3 is one of them. Designed for huge grow rooms and the air circulation is so good the whole room will always be cooled. It comes with a remote control for convenience and is fitted with wheels at the bottom for easy portability.

Its advantage over many of its competition is it has a self-evaporative function reducing the work on your part. Also, it comes with a 60-inch extension cord for easy mobility. Its humidifier produces up to 71 pints a day, and if that not impressive, I do not know what is. You can sleep in peace now as it is also equipped with a comprehensive sleep function and produces only 55 Db of noise.

Pros Of The Product

  • Highly effective and efficient due to its high output
  • Easy to operate and install

Cons Of The Product

  • A bit pricey
  • Very noisy if used in a small room

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9. JHS 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner for grow room, 3-in-1 Floor AC Unit with 2 Fan Speeds, Remote Control and Digital LED Display, Cover up to 300 Sq. Ft

Next on my list is this highly efficient three functions JHS 10000 air conditioner for grow room. It was made with medium spaces in mind as it only accommodates a 300 square room effectively thanks to its two fans. With a BTU of 10000, this product ranks high in functionality.

Its humidifier tackles up to 50.7 pints a day, and you might need to change the tray mid-day as it is not enough and might lead to unnecessary leakages. It takes not more than 10 minutes to install, and the customer care personnel are always willing to offer a lending hand/ear.

This particular air conditioner for grow room comes complete with a remote control; a well-lit Led display and a 24-hour programmable timer, so you don’t need to check up on it every few hours. On average, it only spends 1050 W per year. Hence it’s is very energy efficient.

Pros Of The Product

• Energy efficient
• Very easy to operate
• Excellent customer service

Cons Of The Product

• Has a small disposal tray hence leakages
• It has a short extension cord.

The Best Air Conditioners for Grow Room

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10. Global Air 10,000 BTU Portable Cooling /Fan with Remote Control in White

This stylish creation air conditioner for grow room comes in a stunning white color and is very portable. Its most outstanding feature is the digital control nodes; these allow you to play with the temperatures precisely to your needs. It also comes with the modern touch of a self-evaporative system that allows recycling of water instead as opposed to most of the competition.

It was designed for rooms of up to 400 square feet and had 10000 BTU. You might need a professional when installing and remember the vent needs to be outside the room. For maximum efficiency, its two fans move in a four-way direction, ensuring your room will be well cooled and dehumidified too.

You can either choose to use activated charcoal filters or any antibacterial filter for that matter. Just ensure you change it often or wash it. It weighs 34 pounds, and owing to the wheels at the bottom; you can easily port it from one room to the other.

Pros Of The Product

  • Well priced hence value for money
  • Fairly quiet at 52 Db

Cons Of The Product

  • Comes with a substandard hose
  • Bad customer service as they take too long to reply or acknowledge warranties.

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11. AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T6 air conditioner for grow room, Quiet 6” Inline Duct Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller

If you are observing a tight budget but still looking for quality, then the cloudline T6 has got you covered. At a very affordable price, you get a perfect air conditioner for grow room that is extremely easy to use and install. It comes with a comprehensive display where you can effectively switch up the various functions it delivers.

The best part about this specific AC, you get very quiet as it produces 32Db and peaceful experience while your air quality remains topnotch. It operates on 40 W and has an airflow of 402CFM. Additionally, it comes with a 12-foot precision probe and a corded ac adapter for ease.

Pros Of The Product

  • Very quiet and peaceful
  • Requires very little space
  • Has a comprehensive display

Cons Of The Product

  • It has a low output
  • It has a questionable warranty.

12. Koldfront PAC802W Portable AC with Dehumidifier and Fan for Rooms up to 150 Sq. Ft. with Remote Control

The Koldfront PAC802W comes in a white stylish modern design that compliments any room easily. It has an impressive BTU of 8000 and was specially designed for rooms of up to 150 square feet. It performs three functions; fan, humidifier, and mainly an air conditioner. On average, the humidifier produces 61 pints per day and will require you to change the tray at least once a day.

For maximum convenience, you get a remote control and a 48-inch extension cord that it extendable if you wish. It needs an input power of only 900W and current of 8 A.

It has a night sleep feature that can either increase or reduce the temperature y 2 Fahrenheit’s per hour for your utmost comfort. You also never have to bother with messy condensate overflow, as the gravity hose drain will effectively take care of that.

Pros Of The Product

  • Highly effective and convenient for a busy person
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Small and compact

Cons Of The Product

  • It is hard to port it around
  • Very flimsy material for the small parts.

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13. Vremi 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner for grow room

This air conditioner for grow room was designed with the typical mid-scale grower In mind as it is ideal for 200-350 square rooms. It is very powerful and exuded a 10000 BTU cooling capacity. Like most of its counterparts, it has an easy to read led display and a remote control to make your life easier.

It is easy to assemble as you need no extra tool or any professional help. Equipped with wheels for easy movement and a 5.6-foot hose, this device is very efficient for people with weak bones. Also, it comes with a removable double-layer filter that is washable too. You will only need a 300 V power source, which is easy to find.

Pros Of The Product

  • Very energy efficient
  • Has a remote control

Cons Of The Product

  • It is quite pricey for its quality.

14. JCOCO Portable Air Conditioner for grow room, Fan & Dehumidifier, Quiet Energy Efficient 20L Self Evaporation Unit with Exhaust Hose,24-Hour Intelligent Remote Timing

Modern and stylish best describes this masterpiece. It comes in an elegant finish designed to ensure it effectively cools a grow room of 168 square feet or less. Its led display is topnotch and has a small remote control to match.

At only 53Db, this air conditioner for grow room is fairly quiet and requires less maintenance as compared to its competitors. It uses the power of 1420 W; hence needs a 220 power supply.


In a grow room, one of the main things to worry about is air quality hence the need to choose a good air conditioner for grow room. First, carry out research on the specific needs of your crops then see what the market has to offer. Above I have narrowed the search down to the best air conditioner for your grow room. Follow the above pointers, and your plants will thank me.