Agave victoriae-reginae “Queen Victoria Agave,” “Royal Agave”

Picture via Wikimedia

Basic Info


The Agave Victoriae Reginae is best known to be a beautiful looking succulent. As the plant matures you can expect it to reach up to 30 cm (12″) tall and about 46 cm (18″) in diameter. The plants main feature are the green to bright green leaves with white edges and those sword like leaves.

Scientific Classification

Family: Asparagaceae
Subfamily: Agavoideae
Genus: Agave


Care and Propagation Information



Agave Vctoriae Reginae also known as the ‘Queen Victoria Agave,’ or ‘Royal Agave’ has the same water requirement as most other succulent plants, don’t over water the plant. Best would be to thoroughly soak the plant then let it dry out completely before watering the plant again.

Quick Facts:

  • Prefers full sun to shade
  • Not an indoor plant
  • Water needs similar to other succulents
  • Grows to 30 cm (12″)
  • It can become 46 cm (18″) wide
  • Zone 9a -7° C (20° F)
  • Does not handle cold well
  • Best propagated by offsets or seeds
  • Not known to be toxic to animals or people
  • Growth time: Spring or Summer


General Care for Agave Victoriaereginae

Agave victoriaereginae does not live after it blossoms, although, it is easy to replace Agave Victoriae-reginae with new once but propagation. The plant is most easily propagated by the plants own offsets or cuttings, allowing you to keep the plant for years to come. Always use well-drained soil when growing the Agave victoriaereginae, don’t let the plant get waterlogged.

Where to Plant

The Agave victoriae-reginae does not do well in the cold, so if you live in a city where the nights are colder than -1° C (30° F), move it indoors. The succulent should ideally be grown in a container so that it can easily be transported in and out of the house. Grows best in much sunlight.

Ideally, you will want to plant Agave Victoriae-reginae where the plant can get at least 6 hours of sun a day. Homegrowers, place the plant on a window ledge where it can get plenty of sunlight.

How to Propagate Agave Victoriae-reginae

Agave Victoriae-reginae is one of the easier succulents to propagate, especially when growing using offsets.


The best way to grow the Queen Victoria Agave from cuttings is by using either sterile scissors or a sharp knife. Start by removing the stem from the core of the plant, let the plant sit and harden for a few days. Once that is done, place the stem in well-draining soil, only water the plant if the soil has been dried out.

Origin and Habitat


Agave victoriaereginae ‘Queen Victoria Agave’ is known to be native to Mexico specifically these areas (Coahuila, Nuevo Leon).