To understand how long do Saguaro cactus live, it is essential to learn about the succulent before. Known to grow slowly, there have been studies that indicate that the Saguaro grows around 2 -3 cm (1 – 1,5 inches) for the first eight years of their life. When you increase the Saguaros under the protection of a “nursing tree” such as ‘ironwood’ or mesquite tree, then it will become that much easier. When the plant matures, the older nurse tree can die. Some scientists believe that the Saguaro is the leading cause of death to the nurse tree steeling both the water and nutrients from the soil surrounding the plant.

When the plant gets older, you will notice the growth rates to depend on the climate, location, and growing conditions. You can expect the cactus to grow fastest during the unbranched to branched adult time. This is usually is how Saguaros grow increasing in speed when it reaches 50 to 70 years of age.

How Long Do Saguaro Cactus Live

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One of the more exciting things in how Saguaros grow is when the plant turns 35 years of age; it starts to produce flowers. Although most flowers are at the main trunk or arms, some also occur down the sides of the plant. From this point on, the flowers will continually grow throughout the Saguaro’s lifetime.

When talking about an adult, Saguaro, people mostly refer to a cactus that is around 125 years old. If it is grown in the wild, it can reach 6 tons and 15 meters (50 feet) in height.

How Be Old Can Saguaros?

How long do Saguaro cactus live, well it can live to be 150 – 175 years old. There are those biologists out there that firmly believe that the plant can reach over 200 years old. 

Can You Drink Water From A Saguaro Cactus?

The moisture from Saguaro cactus fruit is edible, although it does not taste well. It is known that the Seri Indians sometimes used the Fishhook barrel (Ferocactus wislizeni) mostly in the case of emergency related to lack of water. It would be best if you did not drink the juice on an empty stomach; it often is known to cause diarrhea. 

Is It Illegal To Cut Down A Saguaro Cactus On Your Property?

It is illegal to remove Saguaro Cactuses from your property if you do not have a permit from the Arizona Department Of Agriculture. If you do, you can face felony charges for transferring the Saguaro Cactus without the license. 

How Long Do Saguaro Cactus Live

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Saguaro Care Tips

When you grow Saguaro, the essential care tip we can give you is that you place the cactus in a well-draining grit with low levels of water when the soil has dried out completely between irrigation. It would be advisable to fertilize the soil annually with cactus food so you can help your cactus growth cycle. 

How Often Do You Water A Saguaro Cactus?

It would help if you watered Saguaro Cactus every 10 to 14 days. Be that the soil is completely dry before you attempt to water again. Check under the soil about 10 cm (4 inches) deep should be enough if you feel even the slightest moisture wait a few more days.