Taking care of succulents can be a great hobby since it can help you to feel better and also do good for the environment. However, some plants may not be friendly for your pets since some succulents can be toxic for their health. But fear not! Since we have listed some of the succulents that are safe for your cat and other animals around your garden. Some succulents will not be toxic for your pets’ health so that you can have them to co-exist in harmony.

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Pet Safe Succulents

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Zebra Haworthia

One of the most photogenic plants that you can have around. It is also low maintenance and can live in a low- light environment. It’s one of the pet safe succulents around so you don’t have to worry about your cat or dog playing near it. It will not hard your pets since it’s safe for animals.

Zebra Haworthia is safe for dogs as well. But you have to be careful since it looks like the aloe plant. That can be toxic for both cats and dogs so make sure that you classify it correctly. Aloe plants are bigger while Haworthia is petite and it’s white. Their flowers are also different in size since an aloe flower can be tubular and bigger.

Pet Safe Succulents

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Blue Echeveria

The Blue Echeveria is safe for dogs as well as for humans. It’s not toxic so you will not have any issues if you have them in your garden. These are the rose-shaped succulents that look very pretty and also easy to take care of as well.

The Echeveria plants are native to Central America. These are one of the most popular succulents and easy to take care of as well. It can withstand draught so you don’t have to worry about having to water them every day. Its natural habitat is the semi-desert places so you can expect to have beautiful flowers from it even without too much maintenance.

Pet Safe Succulents

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Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm is safe for dogs as well so you don’t have to worry if you have them in your home as well. These pet safe succulents are not exactly palm as the name suggests. It is more from the Lillies family. It can live for a very long time even decades that’s why it’s one of the most popular houseplants.

They can have flowers if you happen to plant them outdoors. But you can also just keep them at home with low maintenance. It can also tolerate low-light so it will not die out in case they were not exposed to the sun. It will just grow slower which can be ideal if you are planning to keep it inside your house. They are not toxic to animals so it’s safe for your pets.

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Pet Safe Succulents

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Burro’s Tail

It’s also known as Sedum Burrito or the Donkey’s Tail succulent. They are originally from Mexico. It can survive any type of soil as long as it has good drainage. It’s also one of the pet safe succulents which are a must for any pet owners and garden enthusiasts.

Since most of the time, plants can be toxic to animals. So better choose this succulent which is not toxic for your pets. It looks like pale green and fleshy flowers which can be good ornamental plants for your lawn. This looks very attractive not only for humans but for animals as well. Good thing they are not toxic so your pets are safe.

Pet Safe Succulents

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These are succulent perennials that form a mat of rosettes. It’s also a pet-safe succulent which will look good in your garden and perfect as a ground cover. They can survive in both cold or hot weather so you don’t need to do special care for them. There are many varieties of Sempervivum that look attractive and pretty for your lawn.

Good thing, these succulents are not toxic to animals. It’s not going to harm your cat if it decides to play around these plants. Since it can be attractive, animals may try eating them but don’t worry about it. No harm will come along in case your furry friend decided to take a bite.

Pet Safe Succulents

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Ruby Heart

Another type of succulents that you can have is the Ruby Heart. It’s a very pretty rosette-shaped plant that is also from the Sempervivum family. This grows like a fleshy flower but it’s composed of leaves. It’s one of the easy to grow perennials that don’t lack appeal for anyone who likes plants.

Ruby Heart is safe for dogs as well. Its color varies from the temperature and it can have a rosy-red base. It has a sharp edge on the leaves and animals can mistaken it for food. But that’s alright since it’s not toxic for any animals. You can easily multiply it by simply removing the baby rosettes and plant it in another location.

Pet Safe Succulents

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Holiday Cacti

This is also known as Easter Cacti. It is a good additional plant for your house since it’s one of the safe succulents that you can have around. It’s non-toxic to cats, dogs, and even to horses in case you have one at home. It looks very nice especially during the holidays, therefore, the name.

Holiday cacti are safe for dogs so you don’t have to worry in case your curious best friend tried to eat the colorful flowers. It’s very easy to maintain so you can grow them before the holidays so that you can see it bloom during Easter. Since it’s safe and low maintenance, it is one of the most popular houseplants most plant lovers choose.

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Haworthia Retusa

It looks squishy so your cats may take an interest in this plant. But don’t worry since its one of the pet safe succulents that you can have. But unlike some of the succulents on this list, it does needs a lot of sunshine so better make sure to have grow-lights in case you can’t expose it to the real thing.

Haworthia Retusa is safe for dogs and to humans as well. So if you have small kids in the house, you don’t have to worry. This is a non-toxic plant that you can keep even inside your home. Just make sure to put it under the sun now and then to make it happy.

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Opuntia Species

It is also known as Joseph’s Coat Cactus and is safe for pets. It has oval-flat leaves that looks like a paddle. It’s covered with small spines and is edible so you don’t have to worry in case your cat accidentally eats its fruit. This is one of the pet safe succulents.

The Opuntia species is a type of cactus which means that you don’t have to water them every day. It’s low maintenance and you don’t have to worry about your pets around this plant. Although there are spikes all over it, pets are not going to be enticed to eat it. But since it’s edible, there should be no problem just in case your pet tried eating it.

Pet Safe Succulents

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Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is safe for dogs as well for humans. You can even eat it’s the fruit if you happen to try one from the supermarket. It’s also a type of cactus so be careful with its spikes. But aside from that, it’s non-toxic since it’s edible. You can have it as an ornamental plant for its vines.

It is also a night bloomer so if your Dragon Fruit started to have its flower, check it out at night since it blooms during those times. You can then see the magical bloom and enjoy having it with your plant collection.

Pet Safe Succulents

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Pacific Blue Ice

This is another Sempervivum that is also one of the pet safe succulents like the other types. The beautiful rose-like leaves can be colorful. It can also survive the outdoors even if it gets colder. It’s great since it can take winter months as long as it’s not too snowy. Better have them inside if you want to see them again for the next season.

Pacific Blue Ice is safe for dogs since it’s non-toxic like other Sempervivum. It’s more like blue-green though but it depends on the season. It doesn’t need too much maintenance as well so you can have them along with the other succulents. That way, you don’t have to worry about your pets or children in the house getting harmed by plants.