Photo by Cacti

Basic Info

 Adromischus Maculatus is also commonly known as the ‘Calico Hearts’. As the plant matures you can expect it to reach up to around 20 cm (8″) tall. The plants main feature are the green fleshy leaves that often are covered by pink edges. This plant is ideal for growers who are new to succulents.

Scientific Classification

  • Family: Crassulaceae
  • Subfamily: Sedoideae
  • Tribe: Kalanchoe
  • Genus: Adromischus

Care and Propagation Information



 When watering the Adromischus Maculatus (or Calico Hearts) be careful it is a plant that is sensitive to over-watering. It is a plant that needs to be thoroughly drenched in water and dried before watering again. The plant should be water mostly between Spring to Fall, let the plant dry thoroughly before watering again.

General Care for Adromischus Maculatus’ Calico Hearts’

 What kind of a plant carer should select the Adromischus Maculatus’ Calico Hearts’? It is perfect for a beginner plant grower. The plant does best when cared for indoor in a proper light home. If planted outdoors, it creates small clusters all around it, especially if planted in a rock garden.

Quick Facts:

Where to Plant

Calico Hearts is a plant that grows easiest in free-draining gritty compost. The plant does not handle cold well, so if you live an area that is colder than 6°C ( 20° F ) use a succulent container. It makes it easier to transport the plant indoor and outdoor.

Adromischus Maculatus is a plant that requires up to 6 hours of sun when planted inside keep it on a window ledge. That means a south-facing window for most of us.

How to Propagate Adromischus Maculatus ‘Calico Hearts’

Learning how to propagate Adromischus Maculatus’ Calico Hearts’, begin by selecting a sturdy, healthy leaf. Then remove the stem from the main plant, cut the stem off with a sharp knife. Calico Hearts is one of the species that easily drop its leaves; it can, however, be challenging to grow a large specimen.

Once the leaf is off the Adromischus Maculatus, let it sit for a few days before placing in nutritious and well-drained soil. The soil should be drenched thoroughly, never let the soil dry. Once the plant’s root has started to appear, let the plant take its time to grow.

Origin and Habitat

 Adromischus Maculatus originates from Cape Province, South Africa, and is registered to the Langeberg Mountains north of George.